Try restaurants you haven’t tried before. You know that restaurant you always pass by and say you’re going to try but always end up settling for that Chinese spot around the corner? Yeah, finally gather up the courage to get out of comfort zone and try it! You never know, it could be your new go-to joint. Learn to cook something new. I know this has been on most people’s bucket list and you can never seem to find the right time to actually make that delicious looking 10-minute meal you saw on Facebook. Summer is the perfect time to explore your kitchen.

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Go for a bike ride. From the park to the beach, any outside scenery is perfect to ride your bike in the summer. It’s a good way to get leg day in without realizing you’re actually working out those calf muscles!
Craft. Whether you have kids or not, crafting is always a fun way to spend your time. You can create things you saw in a DIY video and add cute accessories to your home, or just keep yourself occupied.

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Start a scrapbook. Scrapbooks are the most creative way to keep memories alive. Yeah, having pictures saved on a hard drive is one thing, but getting artsy in a scrapbook is even more fun and allows for the scrapbook to be a new addition to the family archive.

Read an entire book series. If you’re like me, you’ve been saying you’re going to read the Harry Potter books one day for the last 6 years. Finally, take your time to read that series all the way and see if you like it!

Take a yoga or dance class. This is a fun way to get some exercise in and pick up a new hobby. Yoga is relaxing and can put you in the perfect summer zen. Dancing can also be a nice way to get your grind on (and you can use your moves at the club)! If you can’t afford a class, just browse Youtube and keep up with those classes.
Binge watch Netflix or Hulu. During the fall, winter and spring, school can take a toll on your time and keep you from your favorite tv show. Summer is the ideal time to binge watch shows because you don’t have much to do to take advantage and catch up!
Volunteer. Want to try something else with your time while being productive as well? Take up volunteering at your local library, park, or even high school and gain some hours by helping out the community.
Work. Get a second job or even a third. Summer is the best time to grind because school isn’t a priority. Save up for the year and make bank!

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