6251905978_4d05fcc247_bNow that spring is upon us, you may have the urge to sell your home. This is the time of the year in which the housing market sees the most activity. Buyers are out and about, and eager to buy. Take advantage of the season and sell your home. Whether selling your home is planned or spontaneous, there are a few things that you should do before you sell.

1. Deep clean

You’re going to have to clean your home anyway if you plan on moving, why not start now. Giving your home a full, deep clean will really help attract and keep prospective buyers. Start with cleaning all the windows, inside and out, power wash all carpets, and clean out your closets. Also, cleaner closets will give the impression of more storage space, which everyone is looking for in a home.

2. Stage your home for sale

Staging a home means you create a more appealing home for your potential buyers. Staged homes sell 25 percent faster than homes that were not staged. You don’t have to hire professional stagers, just create a more generic home by scraping the personal decor, like family photos, trophies and awards, and religious items. Increase curb appeal by cleaning up the landscape, replacing outdated house numbers, and fixing up your front porch.

3. Have your home appraised and set your selling price

In order to find a qualified appraiser, talk with your real estate agent. Agents usually have an appraiser they work with and can refer you to. You can help the appraisal process by providing them with plot plan or survey of your house, you most recent tax bill, your home inspection report, and the title policy. Inform the appraiser of renovations you have made like a new kitchen or roof, this will help increase the value of your home.

4. Keep your home clean

We all know how fast a clean place can become messy once again. Throughout the time your home is on the market, it should be open-house ready. You never know when a potential buyer may stop by for a viewing. Just take a couple extra minutes in the morning to make the beds, clean up any grooming products you have used, and make sure the kitchen is spotless. Also, make sure not only is your home decluttered, but as well as your closets. Above all else, you should keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

5. Leave your home during showings

It may be tempting to stick around and listen to what potential buyers have to say about your place, but it would be wise to leave. Your presence may make the prospective buyers feel uncomfortable and rushed. Leave for a few hours on open house day and let your agent do their job.