We have all been in the middle of cooking dinner when suddenly we are left with no counter space and nowhere to chop up the tomatoes, onion, and celery. Kitchen spaces always tend to look bigger until you are in the kitchen. We are here to help you start the year off with a lot more space, and adding space in the kitchen means decluttering the kitchen. Here is a list we compiled of things that need to be tossed in order to have a spacious functional kitchen.

Toss old cookware

If you have pots and pans lurking around that are broken, rusty, or scratched it is time to let them go. Chances are you haven’t been using them and won’t use them in the near future. Home experts also suggest organizing what you have used in the last six months and letting go of the bakeware you haven’t.

Toss the miscellaneous

The main reason kitchens will clutter up quick is due to the miscellaneous items we tend to hold onto without reason. Getting rid of bent knives, foot containers without a matching lid, utensils or China that are never taken out during the holidays (what are you saving them for), dishcloths, table linens, and old worn out oven mitts will open up much-needed space around the kitchen.   

Toss things from your refrigerator

The fastest way to clear up and clean up a refrigerator is to pull out everything and start by tossing out the food you know you’re never going to eat. Tackle your freezer by tossing anything covered with hoarfrost and food that is old and expired. In your refrigerator, look to toss anything wilted or moldy, and any leftovers you are not going to eat that day.

Toss old pantry items

The best way to declutter a pantry is to strictly follow the six-month rule. Toss those old ground spices that tend to hang around and anything else you have that is past their expiration date. The dishwasher is a good tool to get rid of any leftover scents from your spice jars.  

Toss whatever is cluttering up your kitchen countertops

Do you have keys, mail, and small appliances cluttering up your surface? Make sure to keep anything you use on a daily basis and put away or toss the rest of your countertop items. The countertop is a weekly challenge to declutter as new items will lurk their way onto the surface. Keeping a bin for your items that tend to keep finding their way back (keys, papers, mail) will reduce the clutter significantly.