Whether you have a small house or spacious one, clutter always has a way to build up if you stop paying attention. It happens. After a hard work day who has the energy to tackle the problem areas of a home? Even without the energy, take a look at 5 productive habits that will make your clutter disappear.

  1. Mail

The only thing worse than getting the swarm of credit card and grocery store junk mail in your mailbox is when we bring it in the house and slap it down in the usual spot. Help stop the clutter of mail by using a basket or filer that you can put in ‘your spot’ to keep everything contained and neat. Using labels to separate the junk from the important stuff is a good additional step.

  1. Pile of shoes

Shoes have a way of kicking themselves off in the corners of every room. Your work shoes, workout shoes, slippers, and so on all have a way of lurking about in the first place you can take them off, I’m guilty of this. What organizing experts recommend is having a designated shoe cubby storage. You can usually fit a cubby in a closet, house entrance or any other area that will work best for you.

  1. Laundry

One of the fastest ways to clutter a space is with clothes. Whether it’s raiding your closet for something to wear or changing, clothes end up everywhere. An easy way to fix the problem is by having bins that you can easily toss the dirty and clean clothes you leave out.  

  1. Dishes

Dishes are just about everyone’s worst nightmare. What’s worse is when they pile up in the sink and nothing else fits. Tackle your dishes by dividing the chore into tasks. Start by rinsing out your dishes. Come back to them later and finish washing and stacking them into a drying rack. Dividing them up will make it seem like less of a time commitment and get the job done.

  1. Activity gear

When it comes to yoga mats, bikes, or other routinely used items the first instinct is to always leave it somewhere that is easily accessible. To better organize these items, hide them in plain sight. Find an area that will nicely compliment or hide the yoga mats and make your home feel more spacious and clutter free.