We’ve all been there. You come back from vacation all nice and rested only to return to a bed that seemed fine before you left, and now is just a sad reminder of reality. The good news is, while you probably can’t live your life on vacation, you can have a bed that makes you feel like you’re permanently on one. And it’s actually it’s pretty easy to pull off.

Follow these seven steps for a cushy hotel-like bed at home.

1. Go white

When was the last time you saw any color on a hotel room bed? That’s not a coincidence. “Color scheme is of utmost importance,” said Huffington Post. “When Westin hotel designers trial tested their now-famous Heavenly Bed, they noticed a peculiar trend: “The all-white bed created this halo effect,” says Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton. “People thought a room had been renovated, even if it was just the bed that had been changed. It had a huge impact.” Hilton and Park Hyatt feature all-white beds in their rooms as well – stick to their color scheme (or lack thereof) to connote ultimate luxury in your bedroom.”

2. Focus on thread count

The sheets on hotel beds feel so sumptuous because the thread count generally starts at about 300. They manage to feel both soft and crisp because they are always cotton -“specifically Egyptian cotton,” said Apartment Therapy. That makes them “breathable and help you stay cool.”

If you’re trying to replicate the hotel bed feel when buying sheets, stay away from microfiber. The fabric doesn’t breathe, which makes temperature control difficult. It’s also a lint and hair magnet, which is problematic for many reasons, especially if you have animals.

3. Buy lots of flat sheets

Once you’ve identified the type of sheets to buy, you may want to get them in bulk. You may not have noticed that hotels don’t use a fitted sheet, but you probably noticed that how nicely tailored the bed is. That’s because they place a flat sheet on the bottom instead of a fitted sheet, and get it nice and tight against the mattress by using hospital corners.

To get the full hotel bed experience, you’ll need a couple more flat sheets – one to go against your skin, and one on top of the down comforter.

4. Add a down comforter 

Speaking of down comforters…”Part of achieving the look and feel of luxury bedding includes multiple layers,” said The Balance. “Because of this, you may prefer choosing a lightweight down blanket for year round comfort. The Westin Hotel queen size down blanket has a 100% cotton baffle-boxed stitched cover and is filled with European goose down and it sells for $200.”

You can find them for less – We Googled “European goose down comforter” and found this one for $137 on Amazon. If you’re going to be using a duvet cover over your comforter (look for Egyptian cotton here, too, for the softness and breathability), it doesn’t matter what color your comforter is, and you might find a deal on one that is something other than white.