After years of taking our collective home decor in a more neutral direction (we’re looking at you, inoffensive beige, gray, and granite color schemes), we’re finally branching out and allowing some color back into our homes. Look no further than our 2018 interior design forecast, which predicts jewel tones will continue to reign supreme this year.

These bold hues—deep sapphire blues, vibrant emerald greens, and intense, regal purples—can transform a room from a boring, vanilla box into a lusciously rich and cozy space you never want to leave.

“We’re definitely seeing that our customers have a renewed interested in jewel tones, specifically deep magnolia green, plum, sapphire, and dark red,” says Anna Brockway, co-founder of San Francisco–based Chairish, an online vintage furniture and decor marketplace. “They are lovely colors for a home because they are warm, welcoming, and mix well with plenty of other colors, neutrals, and prints.”

Indeed, designers and manufacturers are taking their cues from the shifting demand: Sherwin-Williams named Oceanside SW 6496—an intense shade of teal—as its 2018 Color of the Year, while Pantone recently announced the dramatic Ultra Violet as its pick of the year.

While you might worry that these deep hues could overpower your decor, don’t fret: The pros say jewel tones can work for just about anyone, whether your style is bright and bold, or if you lean more neutral.

“When decorating with jewel tones, you’re not limited in how to apply them,” explains Melanie Coddington, founder and principal designer at Los Angeles–based Coddington Design. “They can be used as the paint color, upholstery, tile, area rugs, or accessories, depending on how bold you want to go.”

You can incorporate these rich and lush colors in a more subtle way, she adds, by focusing on single pieces such as a light fixture, side chair, or accent table—all in your favorite color that pops.

So are you ready to bring the drama in 2018? Read on for more ideas to add jewel tones to any room in your home.

In the kitchen

You don’t have to gut your entire kitchen and install purple cabinetry and a teal island to get the coveted jewel-tone look; you can go bold with small, easy touches. Add colorful tiles, a fresh coat of paint, or a bold wallpaper to give your kitchen a nice dose of flair, Coddington explains.

“The best thing about any of these methods is that you can control just how much color is being used,” she says. “The entire kitchen backsplash can be a bold sapphire tile, or you can strategically use that tile for a small section behind the range, and the rest can be neutral.”

You can temper your use of colorful paint and wallpaper, too, to achieve the perfect balance.

“You can cover each of the walls or choose one or two focal walls to really highlight—which is what I did in my own kitchen,” she adds.

In the living room

If you’re looking to brighten up your entire living room, a signature piece of furniture in a jewel should do the trick.

“Even though the jewel tones are often bold, they can work really well on an anchor piece in a living room,” says Sara Malek Barne, an interior designer based in Austin, TX. “Specifically, an emerald-green velvet sofa in an otherwise muted space can be visually stunning.”

Some options include the Article Sven Sofa in Grass Green and Mahogany ($1,299) or the Jennifer Taylor Home Becca Tufted Settee in Hunter Green($900).

Not ready to invest in new furniture? A velvet pillow or two can look “yummy” in your living room and contrast well with neutrals, Brockway says.

Look for the Pier 1 Midnight Velvet Beaded Peacock Pillow ($35) or the purple Bed Bath & Beyond Austin Horn Classics Escapade Velvet Square Throw Pillow ($60).