How you decorate can make or break your home’s appearance—but it can also break the bank. On one hand, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by lovely, eye-catching items? But on the other, can you really justify blowing a bundle on pillows and candles?

No, we can’t either. And, thankfully, we don’t have to.

Check out these cool home decor hacks that cost $3 or less for your pantry, pillows, lamps, and beyond.

Pillar candles

Perennially plain ivory pillar candles get a fun and funky face-lift with the help of a little tape. Allison Griffith of Refunk My Junk creates DIY washi tape candles but notes that you can use electrical tape if you have it on hand. Just remember to remove those stripes before you light them.

Decorative doorknobs

A $3 can of spray paint is all it takes to elevate these doorknobs from dated to decorativein no time. Rene Peery Beagle, aka the Domestic Lady, notes that this is a perfect project for DIY novices, and can add a touch of elegance to your doors and overall decor.