When you ask a Californian to describe their truly perfect living situation, there is a decent chance they will mention living waterfront. Waking up to the sound of crashing waves certainly sounds more appealing than arising to the more traditional southern California wakeup call – horns honking. With mortgage interest rates at a reasonably low level, now may be the time to consider buying into that perfect living situation. If you are ready to take that leap and start looking, you may want to consider what a home on the waterfront truly entails. Here are four facts to think about before buying a waterfront home in Southern California.

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There is Salt…Everywhere

Saltwater and humidity can quickly erode and degrade the exterior of a waterfront home in southern California. Wood homes are certainly more susceptible to rotting from the constantly damp conditions and will require frequent upkeep and inspection. However, even the more modern homes made of stainless steel and glass require special consideration when at the waterfront. The stainless buildings require buffing, otherwise they can quickly look worn. All glass in any waterfront home should be highly impact resistant, given particularly high winds at times.

Summer Isn’t Always Sunny

For those with expectations of beautiful sunny days all summer long in southern California, you may want to temper those expectations. At times, often in June and July, there is a significant fog that infiltrates the area. It is especially bad on the coast. Home buyers looking at waterfront homes in southern California should be aware of this occurrence when shopping around. However, winter in southern California is often quite mild and can present beautiful, calm days at the beach.


Simply put, think about the purchase price of a waterfront home carefully. To get into their price range, many buyers make sacrifices like purchasing a condo or moving farther out to an area like Long Beach, California. Weighing the frustration of an even longer commute against the allure of waterfront life is certainly something to consider.

Consider Lesser Known Waterfronts

When thinking of the southern California waterfront, a picturesque beach may come to mind. However, there are other opportunities for waterfront living that may be less expensive and still on or near the water. Venice offers “canal front” homes that are not ocean view but offer waterfront living, with just a short distance to the beach as well. Considering these types of alternative opportunities could make the dream of buying a waterfront home in southern California a reality!