Nothing beats a busy kitchen and a house full of friends and family on Thanksgiving day. Though, waiting around the kitchen for the food to be ready is never fun. While you wait for the food to cook, here are a few things you can do with the family to make the time pass by and create memories you’ll be sure to cherish forever.

Play some touch football

Gather everyone outside and enjoy the fresh air with a game of touch football. Get everyone involved to get a nice run in and build up hunger for the big meal.

Three-legged race:

I know what you’re thinking, a three-legged race, really? Believe us, a three-legged race is always more fun than it sounds. Grab your best friend or favorite sibling and get ready to laugh, fall and scream your way to the finish line (it gets very competitive).

Take a walk

Sometimes you need some fresh air and a pleasant conversation before the turkey is done. Take a short walk around the neighborhood and catch up with visiting relatives. Another option is to take join a local turkey trot (Long Beach has a Turkey Trot you can sign up for here.

Get the band together

Bring out the musical instruments or the karaoke machine and let loose playing a beat and showing off those vocals.  Bring out the video camera because this is where some of the best moments are made.


If you can get everyone to join in on a game of charades, it can turn out to be a very fun time. Make it more enjoyable and split up into teams, (boys versus girls always brings out the competitive nature in everyone).

Share memories

The best and most successful thanksgivings are when everyone finishes eating and sits around the living room telling stories. Telling funny stories of past Thanksgivings, stories of mom and dad as rebellious youngsters, and favorite childhood memories are always fun and entertaining. This is the best way to bond with loved ones.