Hosting holiday parties is a great honor and should be an occasion of joy and memory-making. Unfortunately, planning and executing a fantastic party is often stressful for the homeowner. 

It is possible to both entertain in your home and enjoy the party as a homeowner. Follow these tips to ensure you are the best host and get to join in on the holiday fun!

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Embrace a Theme It may sound cheesy at first but a theme can do wonders for simplifying the planning process. The theme should be geared toward the guests (large group, children, etc.) and can be as specific or generic as you like. The secondary benefit of themed parties is they can create opportunities for activities to keep the party alive. Cookie decorating, holiday movies, or regional foods are all ways to stay within a theme, and create conversation and action.




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Get Organized

Not everyone is a list-maker. However, everyone that is planning a holiday party should be. If you are not typically organized, fight the urge to “just wing it.” Lists can help prevent unintentionally leaving someone off the guest list, forgetting the centerpiece, or blowing your budget.

Speaking of budgets…

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Plan, Inventory, Budget This is the order of affairs for successful, stress-free holiday party planning: plan, inventory, and budget. Nothing ruins a great party for a homeowner like realizing there will be no money left for holiday gifts! Plan your event first. Take stock in what you have that can be used. Finally, budget for what you need that is not already in your home.  If you find yourself on a tight budget, consider making the party a potluck event. You can shop for décor at thrift stores to cut down on costs. The point is, you do not need a lot of excess funds to throw and enjoy a great holiday party.

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Be Present

The biggest mistake homeowners make when hosting a party for family and friends is underestimating time spent in the kitchen. When coming up with a menu, plan to make dishes ahead of time or make use of a slow cooker. This will allow you to break free of cooking duties and enjoy your guests.

Alternatively, this is one area where it might pay to outsource some work. Hire a caterer to come prepare food or better yet, bring food prepared at their kitchen. This will allow you the freedom to mingle and free up space in one of the most popular gathering places in your home – the kitchen.

Create a theme to enhance focus, make a list, decide what you must buy and cook ahead or hire someone to ensure you can do the most important thing for a great holiday party – enjoy your guests.