As we begin the new year, you might have thought of some resolutions to help you start your year on a positive note. It’s always a good idea to strive for an improvement in your life, but it is also important not to neglect your home in your new year goals. As you begin your goals, here is a list of home improvement resolutions that will make your home the clean, efficient, and entertainment place to be this year.

Home safety

First thing in keeping your home safe is to make it breathable. Install smoke and CO2 alarms. Make it a goal to clean vents and ducts behind a dryer. Replace old lead paint. Like any resolution set a goal and take steps clean and check your home.


Believe it or not but every year you add a lot more things to your home than you take out. Start this year off by taking time periodically to remove the ‘stuff’ that is clogging up space around the house. A great rule to follow is if you don’t use it on a daily basis store it away or clear it out.


Make a resolution this year to set up a weekly system to tackle tasks to clean your entire home. Don’t try and clean everything every day, but instead set small chores such as cleaning a room a day, or wiping counters at the end of the night. Set goals for your family to get done and before you know it these chores will become a habit, and you’ll have a clean home every night of the week.

Having a green friendly home

Going green is not just about adding solar panels and having hybrid accessories around the house. The best cost efficient way to go green this new year is done by adapting common sense habits to your home routine. Save money and go green by switching off the lights when you leave a room, dial down your air conditioner, and switch to fluorescent light bulbs.

Have your place entertainment ready

A standard resolution many people make is to spend more time with family and friends. Make good on this resolution by updating your home to have family and friends over at a moment’s notice. You don’t need to get a new kitchen or invest in furniture. Rearrange your home to give it a fresh new look. Adding plants is an excellent way to bring in new energy and clean air.