One of the biggest challenges prospective homeowners have is saving enough money for the down payment. Today, you don’t necessarily need the 20 percent that lenders previously required, but you’ll still need a large sum of money. Saving up a large amount of money can be difficult, but with some patience and a bit of strategy, you’ll be able to save for your new home in no time.


  • Create a monthly budget


In order to create a successful savings, you must earn more than you spend. Our American way of thinking has taught us to buy now and pay later, that is why so many are in debt. Automatic bill pay will be your best friend here. Create an honest and realistic budget and stick to it. You can even print out a list of expenses and check them off as you pay them. This way you have an accurate and physical list of what needs to be paid.


  • Make Savings automatic


Set up automatic savings withdraw with your bank, so each time you get paid, a certain amount will automatically be placed into your savings account. This way you will constantly be adding to your savings without noticing it out of your paycheck. Financial experts do say that it’s best to pay yourself first that way you have no excuses.


  • Save 100% of any windfalls


While it can be tempting to spend your $3,000 tax refund or year-end bonus on a trip to Cabo, it is best suited if you save every penny of it. Down payments are a lot of money and by saving a large influx of money, you’ll only be that much closer to your goal. After all, if you created a good budget for yourself you don’t really “need” that money anyway.


  • Ask for support


Just like going on a diet, you can achieve your goals with the help of family and friends. Your family wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) offer cake if they knew you were on a diet. If your family and friends are aware of your situation, they may be less inclined to invite you out to happy hour every week or to go on a shopping spree. This lack of temptation will help you save for your ultimate goal.


  • Don’t punish yourself


While saving money can give a feeling of accomplishment, it can also be an emotional rollercoaster. If you’re stressing out about saving every day, you’re less likely to follow through. Also, if you’re barely making it by each month with your saving plan, you may need to readjust. Don’t forget to treat yourself and splurge once and awhile, just look into eating out less or cut down on going to the movies or unsubscribing to your cable and getting Netflix. There are ways you can successfully save for your dream home without making it excruciatingly painful.