Here comes the most dreadful, yet satisfying time of the year: spring cleaning. Although it might seem like there could never be an organized way to clean the house, here are some ways you could start.

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-Clean out your vacuum. A dusty vacuum won’t take you anywhere. Clean the dust cup and use scissors to cut off hair or other things that might be stuck in your rotating brush.

-Disinfect your washer and dryer. The same thing happens with your washer machine, make sure it stays clean by disinfecting the dispenser and rubber gasket. As for your dryer, use fabric softener sheets to get rid of any lint.

-Degrease your microwave, kitchen cabinets, oven, dishwasher, and fridge. Things spill and we don’t always get to it right away. Just grab some wipes and clean up those stains.

-Toss expired cabinet items. Cabinets and refrigerators clutter, this is an easy solution.

-Wash your curtains. There can be a lot of hidden stains on your curtains around the house, especially if you have kids, so take advantage of this season and wash them!
-Dust your ceiling fan. There are so much harmful particles and dust that collect on your ceiling fan. Keep your lungs clean and wipe down the blades of the fan.

-Wash your rugs and/or carpet. This is also a place where these dusty particles or stains can collect. Having a clean carpet or rug can change the aura in your house and it’ll definitely feel cleaner. -Wash your comforters, blankets, and pillows. Definitely get to these! Also go ahead and vacuum your mattress while you’re at it.

-Degunk your bathroom. Get into the sink, the shower, and even the toilet to renew your restrooms cleanliness.

-Deep clean your closet. This can be the hardest chore of all but there are probably a lot of pieces in your drawers that you haven’t touched in months. Get rid of them by taking them to your local Goodwill for people in need!
-Organize your cabinets. Just like your clothes, there are probably a lot of things in your cabinets and drawers that you don’t need, use, or that don’t work anymore. Go through those and end up with an organized desk!