Let’s just cut to the chase, a bathroom whether big or small can feel very uncomfortable, cramped, and rather dull.

But be rest assured that with a few tweaks and pointers, your bathroom can have a huge makeover that will create a very warm and spacious feeling throughout. Here is a list of a few tips to make your bathroom visually grow.


Research shows that bathrooms are usually small and dark. Paint can go a long way in a bathroom if you tend to stay with lighter colors. If you choose a unified lighter color throughout, it will visually expand the height of the room and at the same time mask the transitions and planes intersecting. As an extra tip when painting, if you use semi-gloss paint it will reflect the light coming in.


There is only one rule that you should have in mind when thinking about what mirror you should put in the bathroom. The bigger the better. Mirrors can make a room feel like it has twice the space and add more light to the room in the process. Make sure that you don’t use mirrors side by side though as it will have an opposite effect and make the room feel once again crammed.

Natural Light

The more light you have come into the bathroom the greater visual effect it will have on the space. Just as I have mentioned above semi-gloss paint and big mirrors will attract a lot of light in the room. If you decide to want to go further with the natural light or feel that it’s not enough to your liking a solatube-skylight should do the trick.

Make Your Glass Clear

When it comes to shower doors many people like a sense of privacy and settle for an opaque version. What actually happens when you decide to go opaque is cut down on the space that has been visually created.  Having a clear glass door will create a feeling of being in one big room. Most of the time when you are showering you are in the bathroom alone so the privacy may not be much of a factor.


Lastly, the thing you will need to tie the room together is your own personal touch. As far as the aesthetic feel to the room is concerned, the only tip that can be given is to keep things simple (you don’t want to take away from all the hard work you’ve done to create space) and make sure that everything is of the same tone or value so that it can flow seamlessly.