Are you thinking about selling your Long Beach, California home? You’re not the first person, and you won’t be the last. Therefore, all the questions and concerns that are running through your mind have been experienced by millions before you. Here are some answers to the burning questions that every seller asks before listing their house?


Q: When is the Right Time to Sell My House?

A: There are several answers to this question that are unique to the potential seller. First, you need to be ready emotionally. When you sell a house, you are parting with a property that held so many precious memories. Once you’re emotionally ready, it’s never the wrong time to sell your house. However, you should talk to a real estate agent who is familiar with your neighborhood and the market. That way, you can make an informed decision as to right now is the perfect time to sell for financial gain.


Q: What Does The Market Look Like?

A: As the “right time to sell,” the market is also unique to the person. The answer to this question depends on your neighborhood. However, you can look at the overall market in your state for a gauge. In California, we are looking at an increase in price median of 1.2% over the past year. However, the market, in general, is slow right now. So, you’re looking at people making more money over the long-term. These statistics can easily change by the end of the year. That’s why it’s so vital you speak to a real estate agent familiar with trends in your neighborhood.


Q: How Do I Know How Much My Home Is Worth?

A: Again, it’s good to rely on a trusted real estate agent. To get a clear picture of your home’s value, you need a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A CMA takes many algorithms into consideration such as square footage to the age of the roof to what neighboring houses sold at.


Q: Should I Fix Problems Before Listing?

A: If you see it, potential buyers will see it. So, if your house needs a new coat of paint, windows, or updated electricity, just do it. Otherwise, your house will be on the market longer than you anticipated. In the end, you’ll probably end up doing the fixes anyway. For those who don’t want to make unnecessary changes, it doesn’t hurt to have an inspector point out potential problems.   


Q: Should I Inflate My Price to Leave Wiggle Room?

A: You can. However, don’t outprice your house. Then, you’ll have nobody to negotiate with you. If you price your house a little more than what it’s worth, you can probably sell rather quickly. It just leaves the question, what’s “a little more?” Your best bet is to make these decisions with a trusted real estate agent. They can advise you on what tactics work best in your community to sell your Long Beach house for the highest price.