Summer brings memories at the beach, BBQ’s out on the patio and adventurous sunny days. It’s about bringing back the color into life that the dull rainy season takes away. And the colorful excitement of summer doesn’t have to live outdoors. Take a look at few tips to bring the summer excitement into your home.

Green is always Good

There’s no better way to bring the summer feel inside the home than bringing the outdoors inside. Grab a vase or two and decorate the home with a refreshing set of flowers or plants. Plants and flowers transition from the garden to the home beautifully.

Add Color

Summer brings a warm and inviting feeling to mind. So, there’s no reason why your home shouldn’t do the same. Switch out the cool tones and accessories of winter for lighter tones that are more breathable.

A little of You

A fun way to bring in more of that summer light into the home is by adding a little bit of you. Hang up pictures of your outdoor adventures or display your latest painting or your new DIY obsession. Your fun and passion will spread throughout the home.

Let The Light In

Open the windows, take out the curtains and the let the bright summer sun into your home. The light entering will add a livelier feel to the home and make it feel more spacious in the process as well.

Stay Fresh

Bring the feel of summer into the home and keep fresh at the same time is by stocking up on your favorite fruits. Keeping pineapples, watermelon and other fruits around will add a summer feel to the home and be a very delicious treat.