Spring and summer are around the corner and for the most part, everyone knows those are the best seasons to sell a home. If your house has been on the market for a while, you may want some tips on how to augment its appeal to potential buyers. Maybe you are ready to invest in upgrades that will improve the home’s value, curb appeal and interior look so much that potential buyers will find it irresistible.

If you’re at that place, first figure out how much you can reasonably invest. Will the improvement increase your home value enough to allow you to recoup the cost? Perhaps not, but if your priority is a faster sale, return on investment might have a different meaning for you.

Then look at areas of your home where improvements will have the most impact – spots that are the least appealing or those that have the most appeal. Upgrading a less-than-great room can help, but upgrading a good room could make it fabulous. For example, painting a small bathroom in a bright color or in white could make that small space feel bigger. Adding a skylight to your kitchen, bath, or other area in your home however, will really make a splash with additional natural light and fresh air.

Here’s a room-by-room game plan for high-impact upgrades that could make buyers fall in love with your home:

Buyers are, universally, looking for aesthetics and a good buy. Any improvement that gives both can directly impact your ability to sell your home. Adding a skylight is a great way to enhance a home’s appeal, livability and energy efficiency while improving indoor air quality by bringing fresh air into the home.

Natural light can make a small room look bigger and brighter, and create a healthier space.

Finally, this is one high impact investment that can actually give you money back. Installation of energy efficient solar powered fresh air skylights and remote-controlled or wifi shades can qualify you for up to a 30 percent federal tax credit on the -products and installation costs.

Wireless shades operate similarly to smart LED bulbs: you can raise or lower them individually or as a group at set times or conditions like at sunrise or sunset. Some use a smart app and some a remote control—or both.

Kitchen and bathroom

Any professional realtor will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms can sell a house. If yours are passable, they could be what’s standing in the way of getting an offer. If you’ve already done the basics like repainting, replacing dated vanities, it may be time to splurge.

New appliances and fixtures will cost you a few thousand, but can go a long way toward attracting buyers. New appliances look great, are more energy efficient, and provide buyers the peace of mind knowing they won’t face repair or replacement costs any time soon. Think of buying items that are not too expensive, but that will add a touch of elegance and luxury to the bathrooms. A simple fix is a new shower head – rainfall shower heads are still hot as are touch-free faucets. If you have the space, consider a bidet for buyers coming from overseas.

Adding a tile backsplash or new countertops in the kitchen, and new tile floors in the bathrooms can also make a statement. The idea is to find the improvement that will have the biggest visual impact in your space.