We can almost hear the noise makers already. New Year’s is upon us. Time to live up to the resolution you set for yourself. If you haven’t set one yet (or if you need an extra), we have a great New Year’s resolution for you. Make 2019 the year you finally do it…you know, buy a house! That’s right, 2019 is the year you are going to find the house you’ve been dreaming about. Here’s how you can make that happen in the coming calendar year!


Start Early

If we’re going to do this, let’s go all-in. Start the year of running. After all, sellers are looking at 2019 as the same clean slate that you are. Just as you are using January 1st as your launch pad into the next step of your journey, so are many others. The pickings will be nice and ripe when the ball drops. So act fast. You might get a great deal from someone who is looking to get an ultimate clean slate!


Go to a Showing

If you’re ever driving around with time to kill, stop at an Open House. The more you immerse yourself in the homebuying process, the easier it will be. Going to more Open Houses will help you decide what you want. Also, it allows you to see first-hand what the going rate is…and what you’re getting for it. This can help you balance your finances more wisely.



Talk to Your Partner/Roommate

Figure out what you want. This will help a lot. Discuss these desires with whoever you are going to be living with. Having an open dialogue from the get-go will help when you are discussing more pressing manners down the line. Go into this experience with a gameplan. Decide a number you can afford and brainstorm what is essential for your happiness in these living quarters. Having both sides of the spectrum figured out as you start the search will help you as search. That way, when you see what you want…you’ll know it!


Browse Listings

Sometimes it’s fun to fantasize. Look at extravagant houses and lust over all the amenities. Let your mind wander. Once you get excited at the endless possibilities, start to look at more reasonable ranges. Getting your gears going will help you become more serious about taking this big step in the coming year.


Talk to Friends

Want to stay local? Looking to move somewhere where other friends and family members are? Either way, tell loved ones to keep a lookout in the area. After all, if the neighborhood is good enough for them, then it’s probably good enough for you as well. Plus, can you imagine the awesome housewarming party? Be sure to invite us, too!