With tax season upon us, you might already be thinking of creative ways to spend that refund. Before you go out and blow it on treats, consider how you might make the most of it this year. After all, you are a responsible homeowner now! If you’re lucky enough to be getting a tax return this year, make the most of it by investing that hard-earned money into your new home. So, what are some responsible ways to spend your check?


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Pay Down Your Mortgage One of the most responsible, money-saving ways to spend your tax return is to put the money straight into your mortgage as an extra payment. It might seem like a drop in the bucket, but over time these extra payments can shave both years and thousands of dollars in interest off your repayment.  




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Bulk Up Your Emergency Fund
With home ownership comes responsibility. No longer can you call the landlord when your furnace goes out or the plumbing goes awry – these headaches now fall on your shoulders. There’s nothing worse than having a home emergency and no wiggle room in the bank to pay for the repairs. Credit card debts for “emergencies” can pile up fast and interest rates are high. Instead, save for the inevitable by having a dedicated savings for emergencies. A few extra thousand (or even hundred) dollars from a tax return will save the day at some point.


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Fix the Necessary Repairs Did your home come with a few issues that still need to be sorted? Getting these nuisances under control is the perfect way to spend your tax refund. Replace anything faulty in the home or anything that you expect might need replacing in the next year or two.  




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One Special Thing

After you have invested the bulk of your tax refund into one of the above areas, make sure to save a few extra dollars for something special. This could be a favorite artisan candle, a much-needed new chef knife, the perfect rug, or anything that makes your home feel special.  


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Mindful. That’s a word I used to think applied to monks or nuns, or anyone living outside of the “real” world. . What I know now is that being mindful or intentional is about really thinking about your choices before you make them. . In this context, it’s asking “do I really need this…is this wise to spend my money on…does it have a place, and a purpose?” . Everything you buy adds up to become either money well spent, or money that could have been spent doing something amazing. . So before you head to the mall, or jump online, ask yourself what you want from life and make good spending choices to get there. . ?Even if you don’t have clutter…what would you rather have than clutter???? . . #wise #wisdom #simple #simpleliving #simplelife #simplicity #quotes #wisequotes #minimalism #minimalistlife #spendwisely #money #moneyissues #clutter #lessclutter #lessisthenewmore

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Spend Wisely

Being a home owner is one of the greatest joys in life. Invest your extra dollars into your home and it will more than repay you in comfort, reliability, and financial freedom down the road. Making wise choices early on will make for smooth sailing for the life of your home. Happy spending!