The holidays season is creeping up quick, and the first one knocking on our door is Halloween. The anticipation and goosebumps can be a little overwhelming as the neighborhood begins to put up their decorations. As you start your home decor take a look at these helpful tips to make your home stand out and instantly get a spooky vibe.


The Front Entrance

We have all know how important a first impression can be, and when it comes to creating the scary illusion for Halloween, it is no different. The front entrance can instantly create a creepy vibe for your visitors and set the mood for the rest of your home. You can never go wrong with decorating the hall with a few black spiders crawling around. One fun idea is to create a small web themed wreath to hang up on your front door. You can keep up with your black spider and white web theme by adding a few black and white pumpkins. Keep this theme going with a few smaller accessories if you’d like such as a web themed mat or message for your visitors to maintain a beautiful but frightening entrance.


Table Decor

Your coffee and dining table are perfect for continuing an eerie feel to your home. Adding Halloween candles is always a good way of adding a scary vibe around the house. Keep in mind that your Halloween decor doesn’t have to follow the traditional orange theme that is associated with it. Black and white themes create just as terrifying of an illusion and Halloween feel around the house. Having a nice centerpiece on your coffee and the dining table can tie in your table decor together. Bring out your creative vision and have some fun with your centerpieces. Having a blackbird in a cage or a spider in a cage is always a fun twist to spookily the eating table.



When it comes to decorating your kitchen, accessories are key. Swap out your daily coffee cups for some scary inspired ones. The Same thing can go for your hand towels. To wrap up your kitchen, add a few bottles of wine for decor. The great thing about wine bottles is that you can bring out your creativity again and decorate them to look old and rugged or make them into candles that can create a frightening vibe in the kitchen.


The Hallway

Yes, you can spookily any part of your home and the hallway and welcome room are an excellent way to continue the spookiness. A great and terrifying addition to a hallway is spray painting a mirror with reflective paint. This mirror will create a very eerie illusion for anyone looking at it and be the finishing touch to a very spooky and fun filled Halloween home decor.